2012 Winter School: Wrap Up

The 2012/13 Winter School focused on recent progress in non-linear partial differential equations and their applications. In particular, the program emphasised three interlocking themes.

The first week comprised introductory lecture courses by Professors Min- Chun Hong, Ben Andrews and Neil Trudinger, and the second week focused on key topics in recent research and contemporary applications.


Program – Introductory and Advanced Courses 

Nonlinear Ellipptic Equations, Optimal Transportation and Geometric Applications

Ricci and Mean Curvature Flow and their Applications

Minimal Surfaces and External Eigenvalues Problems

Harmonic Map and Applications


Robert McCann, Toronto, Canada
Neil Trudinger, Australian National University
Xu-Jia Wan, Australian National Univeristy
Giand Tian, Princeton, USA and Beijing, China
James Sethian, USA
Richard Schoen, Standford USA
Ben Andrews, Australian National University
Tristan Rivière, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland
Michael Struwe, ETH-Zurich, Switzerland
Min-Chun Hong, University of Queensland

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