Regional and/or interstate applicants from an AMSI Member Institution may be eligible to apply for a Grant to assist with the costs of travel, accommodation and/or caring responsibilities to attend the school.


Types of Grants

Two types of funding are available to help students attend AMSI Winter School 2017:

Grant Application Form

The Grant Application Form will take approx. 5-10 minutes to complete, and will ask applicants to answer a number of questions, including 200 words of less (for each answer) on;

  • Why they are attending and want to participate in the AMSI Winter School 2017 program,
  • How participating in the program will benefit their skills, development and career, and
  • Any other information that they think event organisers should know that is relevant to the grant application.

Applicants will be also asked to provide a Letter of Support from a current supervisor, honours coordinator, and/or head of school/department to support their application for funding to attend AMSI Winter School 2017.