A grant application for the AMSI Winter School 2017 will take approx. 5-10 minutes to complete, and will ask applicants to answer a number of questions, including 200 words or less (for each answer) on;

  • Why they are attending and want to participate in the AMSI Winter School 2017 program,
  • How participating in the program will benefit their skills, development and career, and
  • Any other information that they think event organisers should know that is relevant to the grant application.

Applicants will be also asked to provide a Letter of Support from a current supervisor, honours coordinator, and/or head of school/department to support their application for funding to attend AMSI Winter School 2017.

We strongly recommend reading the information published on the following pages before applying:

There is a single application form which covers both AMSI Travel Grants and CHOOSEMATHS Grants. 

Applicants must also submit the AMSI Winter School 2017 Application Form, as well as pay the School Fee via the QUT Pay payment gateway (which you will be redirected to when an application form is submitted). A Grant Application may not be accepted without receipt of both the above mentioned form and payment of the fee.

If you have any questions about the Grant Application Process, please Contact Us.