Event Details

Date: Tuesday, 27 June
Time: 12.30pm
Venue: Room 360, Y Block


More information coming soon. Watch this space!


Timothy Gowers is currently a Royal Society Research Professor and also holder of the Rouse Ball Chair in Mathematics at the University of Cambridge. He was a scholar at Eton College and then studied mathematics at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he also did his PhD, and where he is now a fellow. In 1998 he was awarded a Fields Medal, and in 2012 he was knighted for services to mathematics. In addition to his research, he has a keen interest in open science, especially as applied to mathematics, organising a large-scale open online collaboration that quickly led to the solution of a significant open problem. In recent years he has campaigned for scientific literature to become more open and for the cost of journals to reflect the greatly reduced cost of disseminating information in the internet age. As part of that effort, he was a founding editor of Discrete Analysis, an arXiv overlay journal with running costs that are a tiny fraction of those of a typical traditional journal.  Sir Timothy Gowers’s Blog

Sir Timothy Gowers is giving the Keynote address at the 12th International Open Repositories Conference, supported by QUT to be held in Brisbane in June 2017.

VC Forum with Sir Timothy Gowers